Dynamore Press Release: Femzip makes collaboration between different sites at Faurecia more efficient


Stuttgart, january, 30th, 2014 – DYNAmore GmbH, announces, that the successful usage of the software tool Femzip for the compression of simulation data will be extended for the coming year.

Laurent Guerin, manager of FEA tools and methods at Faurecia Seating Division praises the high compression rates that can be achieved with FEMZIP in connection with LS-DYNA : "Through the use of FEMZIP not only the cost of data storage and backup systems could be reduced, also the time necessary to load post-processing data is significantly lower, so that large savings in time for processing and analysis of simulation results can be achieved . As a global company with offices in over 15 different countries, it is very important for us, that the data exchange can be done quickly. Through the consistent use of FEMZIP the time for data transfer between different Faurecia locations were significantly reduced and at the same time our internal network load could be reduced. If short term requests for additional compute power occur, which cannot be realized in our own Computing Centre, we also use external compute resources. We have for example the possibility to carry out simulation calculations in the Computing Centre operated by Gridcore, a swedish company providing High Performance Computing resources. Each site has access to all internal and external compute resources. Through the use of FEMZIP and the extremely flexible licensing policy of our LS-DYNA partner DYNAmore, this procedure could effectively be implemented into our complete simulation process. The support of DYNAmore in this respect and the good integration of FEMZIP in our calculation process allow us a very cost-efficient implementation of our IT infrastructure and a quick response time to satisfy short-term demands for large compute power.     

Clemens-August Thole, managing director of SIDACT adds: "Inside Automotive suppliers, who work globally and need a great extent of flexibly, FEMZIP is increasingly being used. By compressing the results significant reductions in infrastructure and network communication cost can be achieved. We are also seeing an increased demand, when internal or external cloud resources are used. These additional resources often are needed to account for short-term peak compute demands. Since our company was founded, we work very closely with DYNAmore to offer LS-DYNA customers competent support services helping our joint customers to integrate Femzip into their computation process."

SIDACT was found in july 2013 as a spinoff of the Fraunhofer Institute SCAI. SIDACT has exclusively taken over development, marketing and distribution of the software Products Femzip and Diffcrash.

DYNAmore is the main distributor of LS-DYNA in Europe. Over 500 customers from automotive, aerospace and other industries rely on the competence of DYNAmore. Customers of DYNAmore are car manufacturer small companies doing component development.


More Information:
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