Improve Robustness Of Crash Simulation Models


For the design and optimization of car models it is very helpful to deal with a simulation model, which generates similar results even if slight changes of the model are performed.

The keyword here is predictability. In crash simulations however, quite often there are large deviations among the calculated results. These deviations are caused by instabilities within the model. Those can be of physical nature like buckling or contact/non-contact issues as well as numerically driven.

Both physical instabilities in automotive design and numerical instabilities in simulation packages often cause extremely sensitive dependencies of simulation results.


DIFFCRASH therefore was developed to encounter these problems and deliver a CAE tool which makes it possible to find the critical/sensitive regions, derive design suggestions and thus lead to a more robust model.

Focussing: Analysing a set of simulation runs DIFFCRASH with its advanced data reduction methods allows the focus on the most important crash events

Better Understanding: Highlighting structures with high variations and visualizing scatter modes the engineer gets a deeoer understanding about the crash behaviour

Improve stability: Finding parts which strongly determine the scatter at other parts allows to derive appropriate design adaptations

Example Workflow

Improve Model Stability

Specialized to analyse a set of simulation runs, DIFFCRASH delivers a unique combination to perform robustness analysis. The statistical methods deliver several fringe plots as a result to easily be able to judge whether or not there is strong scatter occurrence among the simulation results. Combined with the powerful dimension reduction algorithm the cnalysis can then be pushed further to track down root causes, wherethe scatter originates. With this knowledge the engineer is able to derive design suggestions.

Key Features

  • Understand scatter propagation
  • Understand structure of scatter
  • Investigate causal chains
  • Find root causes for scatter
  • Derive design refinements

Seamless Process Integration


DIFFCRASH does not alter existing workflows while providing the benefits of automatic and interactive scatter investigation.


DIFFCRASH is made to fit into the workflow used by engineers. The support of several Post-Processors (GNS Animator, Arup D3PLOT, Altai HyperWorks, Beta Metapost) with a DIFFCRASH plugin allows to interactively perform phase 2 and let the engineer work within his familiar environment.


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