Automatized Event Detection of Crash Simulation Results


To allow for fast car development cycles, CAE engineers find themself in the difficult task to further develop, adapt and judge current crash simulation models. Therefore engineers do not only derive new designs but also have to ensure that the newest crash simulation results fullfill all performance indices also with respect to legal requirements as for example for Euro NCAP and others.

To cope up with this ever growing amount of simulation runs being performed, tools and techniques are needed to automatically make use of the huge data archieves being stored.  While current Simulation Data Management systems and the IT infrastructure already allow storing and accessing huge datasets and would facilitate putting this into action for analysis, the users usually only have tools and the time to make rather straight forward model to model comparisons, between current model versions and their immediate predecessors. To take analysis capabilities and model development a leap forward, it is necessary to also make use of whole model development branches to learn from the gathered simulation information.


FEMALYST therefore was developed to encounter these problems and deliver a CAE tool which automatizes the detection of unknown and unwanted behaviour even before the engineers opens the result in a postprocessor.

Moreover, with the FEMALYST Database, it is now possible to search for deformation patterns, as well as new failure and postvalue behaviour within complete development trees, containing TeraBytes of simulation results in just a few seconds.

Thus FEMALYST is able to incorporate complete development trees into the daily engineering process and provide a tool to the engineer, to exploit all related simulations

With respect to the challenge of analysing crash structures it is mandatory to not only highlight complete parts which are conspicuous, but also the local segment of the part which showed the behaviour.


Key Features

  • Automatic event detection
  • Flagging of unwanted behaviour
  • Searching within simulation results


FEMALYST does not alter existing workflows while providing the benefits of automatic and interactive scatter investigation.


SIDACT at NAFEMS DACH 24 Conference, June 10 - 12, 2024 in Bamberg
SIDACT at 14th European LS-DYNA Conference, October 17 - 19, 2023 in Baden-Baden
SIDACT at NAFEMS World Congress 23, May 15-18, 2023 in Tampa, Florida
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