Crash-simulation is a standard CAE application in the automotive industry. The effort of improving car safety is accompanied by large numbers of simulations performed on a daily basis. As a result vast amounts of simulation data are continuously produced. With FEMZIP for CRASH we offer a series of data compression solutions specially designed for commonly used crash-codes. FEMZIP versions are available for PAM-CRASH, LS-DYNA and RADIOSS result files.

Test results by Volkswagen AG for PAM-CRASH output file (DSY) of a simulation using a car model with 1031990 nodes.

Typical crash result files can be reduced with FEMZIP by about a factor of 10. This reduction leads to considerably lower storage requirements, significant shorter data transmission and quicker data loading. The ladder can be experienced with a variety of post-processing tools that support the compressed data format of FEMZIP. To improve the experience of working with FEMZIP compressed files, we have worked together with post-processor developers to enhance the integration of our decompression technology. Today, a large number of post-processors support our format, so that working with compressed files has become easier than ever before.


Supported Post-Processors:

  • FEMZIP-R (Radioss)
  • GNS Animator
  • ESI Visual Environment
  • LS-Prepost
  • Altair Hyperview / Hypergraph
  • Beta μETA
  • Oasys D3PLOT