FEMZIP Version 6.90 released


Today the new FEMZIP version 6.90 for support of LS-DYNA, PAMCRASH and RADIOSS explicit was released. Compared to FEMZIP Version 5.90 the new version has the following improvements:

  • Accelerated reading of LIBFEMUNZIPLIB for integration into postprocessors
  • New support for the following additional d3plot format features:

    • Intfor results files
    • dtdt and residual output nodal results
    • contact title outputs
    • CPM nodal elements in all versions

  • New -5 command line option for compatibility with 5.90 version of FEMUNZIPLIB (required for some LS-PREPOST versions and certain d3plot files)

The new versions required the new FLEXNET SIDACT license daemon and a related license. The daemon is available from our web pages.