FEMZIP-N v1.4.1 and FEMUNZIP-N v1.4.10 released


Today FEMZIP-N v1.4.1 and FEMUNZIP-N v1.4.10 were released. The new versions have the following improvements:

  • enhanced support of NX-Nastran OP2-format
  • bugfixes concerning Nastran 2012 and 2013 version
  • Femzip-N is now using the 1.8.11 version of HDF5

The new version requires the new FLEXNET SIDACT license daemon and a related license. The daemon is available from our web pages. You can download both the new version and the license daemon in our User Area.

The format extensions for the OP2-format require all postprocessor providers to include the latest version ouf the FEMZIP-N api.