The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in engineering applications generates tremendous amounts of data. We offer a set of newly developed FEMZIP data compression tools specialized for CFD data. Currently, we supported CEI's EnSight Gold format and OpenFOAM format.

Usually, CFD results stored in the EnSight Gold format can be reduced by a factor between 5 and 10 depending on the simulation type. Output data from wind tunnel simulations can usually be compressed by a factor of over 5 for steady-state problems, whereas factors around 7-8 are achieved in the transient case.

Test results for EnSight Gold file of a transient airflow simulation around a car: 6 variables, 43 million elements, 31 time steps.

For OpenFOAM simulations, we support the formats starting from OpenFOAM version 2.3.0. The compression factors are about 5-8 for steady state models and up to 10-15 for transient models.

For transient OpenFOAM simulations, we created an on-the-fly compression tool that can compress in parallel to an ongoing simulation. Here we can directly reduce the data quantities before they become big. Moreover, our on-the-fly compression keeps the number of files at a low constant level, to additionally reduce the demand on the clusters network.


Supported Post-Processors:

  • FEMZIP-ENSG (EnsightGold)
  • EnSight